Tidbits – 1.25.11

—For those of you floating aimlessly (or otherwise) around the Nashville area, I’m going to be playing a free show at the Basement next week Tuesday (Feb 1). The show starts at 8pm and it’s 21+. A couple very talented friends of mine are going to be joining me for the first time, so I’m pretty excited about that. If you’re wondering what my excited face looks like, picture my normal face and then change nothing about it. It’s like that. I really am excited, I’m just bad at showing it.

—If you make your way over to the music page, I uploaded some tracks from “The Streets Will Turn to Streams” on the music player over there for you to take in as you please. Please. Thank you. You’re welcome.

—Have you ever noticed how we have essentially replaced the phrase “You are welcome” with “yup”? Someone pointed that out to me recently and I keep noticing it now. I’m not sure what it means exactly, but it doesn’t look good for the future of our children.

—For those of you floating purposefully (or otherwise) around the Midwest, you may notice that there are a few tour dates listed back in your direction in March. More info on those to come soon, once a few more dates get confirmed. Ahh the Midwest. It’s like one giant home town to me. Good people in the Midwest.

—If you haven’t made it over to the store yet to pick up your hand-made copy of “The Streets Will Turn to Streams,” you should probably do that now. The rest of this paragraph will still be here when you get back. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Kind of like those two-dollar bills that are being sold on tv for one easy payment of $9.99. So if I give you ten dollars, you’ll give me two dollars? Yeah, that sounds great.

—I said “take care” to someone at work the other day, and it was somehow mistaken as “I love you.”

Take care,