An old-fashioned diver will come for you!

The Streets Will Turn to Streams (2011)

Track List:

Left Hands
Half My Soul
Love Is Where MP3
Holy Fiber
The Path from A to B
Swim Until It Takes
I’d Die if You Could Live

Watch out for dinos!

Cracked Open (2008)

Track List:

Little Birdie
It Don’t Come Easy
So Much to Blame
All the Sins of Men
Locked Outside
Christee Christee
We’ve Got Our Kinks
You’d Never Leave
Swallowed by the Tides
Good Day
I’m Tired

Why All This Armor?

Aching Wings (Why All This Armor?) (2006 – out of print)

Track List:

Walk Away
Wearing Me Out
Let Us Just Pretend
Won’t You Be My Friend
Ridiculous Pain
Perfect Blood
As We Grow Old

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