Will You Be My House? (Video)

Good Wednesday, friends.

I’ve been thinking a bit about houses. Most of us rent one or own one or sleep on the couch of a friend who does. And in most cases, these houses have funny little quirks about them, things that don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to. Maybe you have to lean your shoulder into the door to get the lock to catch, or maybe you can’t use the microwave and the hairdryer at the same time without blowing a fuse, or maybe you get a lot of ladybugs in your upstairs every spring.

Sometimes you get around to fixing some of these idiosyncrasies, but more often they stick around and become part of the personality of the place. And as you develop a relationship with this house, you notice these things less and less as they become part of your story, too, in some small way.

And then, somewhere in the midst of this mysterious mingling of personalities, you realize you now have a home.

And so it is with people, too.

Here’s a song about my house and about my best friend and about the good pain involved in making someone else’s not-quite-right things part of who you are (and vice versa).

My friend Drew Michael Blake (who’s a heck of an artist himself) has a video series called Hasty Takes, where he captures raw, imperfect takes of artists performing in their own homes. Raw, imperfect, and in my own home seemed like the perfect setting for this song, so here is “Will You Be My House?”