Getting Out of the City

Yesterday we took a little vacation from city life and drove to Machine Falls. The weather was perfect, and we had the place all to ourselves.

It felt so good to get away from civilization for a few hours.

Man vs. Machine Falls

Pictured: me in front of the falls.

Not pictured: me getting disdainful looks from all the too-cool-for-school hipsters in Frothy Monkey when we stopped there on the way home—still wearing my swim suit and squeaky-wet water shoes. Take that, Nashville.

Also not pictured: the box of melted Junior Mints that we savagely ripped open and ate with a spoon last night. Christina and I looked at each other and realized that this is the most slobbish thing we’ve ever done. The half-eaten box of mints is still on our coffee table. Looks kind of like an animal got into them. I will probably get in trouble for telling people about this.