It’s the Middle of August Already?

So here we are. My calendar tells me we’re in the double-digits of August already, although how that happened I haven’t the slightest idea.

I’ve been wanting to update this site for a while, but somehow managed to lock myself out for the last couple weeks. Ahh technology.

This (somehow) reminds me of how we’ve been anxiously waiting to have flying cars for many years now. I don’t get the feeling that we’re very close to having flying cars.

And here’s the thing no one tells you about flying cars. If your flying car breaks down, you’re not stranded on the side of the road. You’re in a free-fall back to earth. Then you die.

I’m ok with ground-bound cars, thank you.

Here are a few music-related tidbits that have been floating around my head-space lately:

–The plans are being laid for a big official album release party for “The Streets Will Turn to Streams.” It’s going to be the event of Fall 2011 here in Nashville. Dream big, right? I’m going to ask Kenny Chesney to open for me.

–That last sentence is false.

–There is a new music website/program making big waves. It’s called Spotify, if you haven’t heard of it yet. A lot of people think it’s the next era of the music industry, moving music towards rental instead of ownership (a la Netflix). I’ve been playing around with it. It’s pretty awesome from a consumer’s point of view. Out of curiosity, I checked to see what kind of royalties I get when someone listens to one of my songs on Spotify. About 5/100’s of a penny. Yikes. If that’s the future of the music industry, all of us artists are going to have to learn how to live without food and shelter.

–My good friend and drummer Isaac Tucker (who has been playing with me the last several months) decided to move back to his old stomping grounds of central Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago. Isaac’s a heck of a guy, and I wish him a lot of good things.

–My other good friend and drummer Jason Torrence is stepping in to fill Isaac’s penny loafers. Jason is the exact opposite of me, in that he is in very good cardiovascular condition, tolerates cats, and has seen many deceased people. In other respects, we are not as different.

My other recent activities include (but are not limited to) writing new songs, trying to learn how to listen, avoiding the outdoors because of the oppressive heat of Tennessee, having long debates with Christina about ice cream flavors, watching all the weekends on our calendar fill up, watching friends move away, staying hopeful about making new friends, over-cooking vegetables on our grill, and accidently using the word “gestapo” instead of “gazpacho” when when describing a dish to a customer at the restaurant I work at.

Farewell, friends. Farewell, internet and technology and flying cars. We will speak more soon.