Album Release Show Update #2 (or is this #3?)

I’ve been hoping to make this album release show something special, because let’s face it, another guy releasing another album in Nashville isn’t anything to get excited about.

So we decided to listen to our sweet tooth (sweet teeth?).

East Nashville’s The Silly Goose ( will be providing free desserts for everyone who comes to The 5 Spot for the album release show on October 20th!

I love The Silly Goose. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I do work there. But I was thinking the other day that even if I didn’t work there I think The Silly Goose would still be my favorite restaurant in Nashville.

So if you’re anything like me (you have an insatiable appetite for dessert, you enjoy supporting local businesses, and you get glad on the inside when you listen to good live music) then I will see you on 10/20.