November Dawns Upon Us Like a Mild-Mannered Golden Retriever

Another day, another month, another year. They all begin to run together. I’m 25 years, 7 months, and 26 days old. How did that happen? Turns out it’s November again. Came back around about the same time as it did last year.

We here in the Vinson Household decided to make November a month of not spending any money other than the bare necessities (rent/utilities/student loans/gas/food).

There are a few thoughts behind this. The hope is that we can save up a few extra dollars and discover just how much money we “need” to get by. And maybe somewhere along the way we’ll get a few friendly reminders that our gladness does not depend on spending money to get things.

We sure do love our things.

The world of music just keeps on humming along. Always more to do than can be done as well as I’d like, it seems. The release show at The 5 Spot a couple weeks back was wonderful. One of the most fun evenings I’ve had in some time.

If you were there, I’m thankful for you spending your free time with us. If you weren’t there, well, I’m thankful for you too—in a different sort of way.

I did put up a video from our set that evening. Just click on the media page at the top of the screen and you’ll see it. I parted my hair real special-like for the show.

Well, it’s time to open a book for a few minutes before I pass out for the night. I will speak with you soon.