Back in the Studio

Just a little tidbit of news for the 8 of you who read this…

Yesterday Jason (my drummer and friend) and I made our way over to a pretty awesome studio called Alex the Great where I tracked piano for 3 new songs we’ve been playing in our live set the past couple months.

Zach Vinson Steinway piano

I checked out a few studios looking for the right piano, and was pretty quickly sold on Alex the Great when I sat down at their beautiful 1906 Steinway grand.

Alex the Great - Zach Vinson - Steinway piano

I haven’t sorted out exactly when and how we’re going to release these songs, but it’s a good feeling to be working towards something again.

Ahh, the winds of change.

Zach Vinson - Steinway piano - Alex the Great

For those of you in Nashville, come and hang out with us next Tuesday (1/22) at The 5 Spot. We are a good looking group of fellows.

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