4 or 5 Things

I’m not sure how many things there will be, you know? Just flying by the seat of my old basketball shorts here.

4 or 5 things

1st thing. Life is so terribly hard sometimes. And it’s also so wonderful. And usually both at the same time, if I have the slightest bit of awareness to it all.

2nd thing. I had never read a single page of Harry Potter until a week or two ago. Never had the even the tiniest desire to.

But now I can’t wait to finish writing this so that I can start book #3, having finished the second one late last night. Books are just the best, you know?

3rd thing. I’m a little bit of a grammar nerd, and I’ve recently switched from using two spaces after a period to just one space after a period. These are the things that I wrestle with. Among all the other things.

4th thing. The summer in Tennessee doesn’t excite me very much. Actually, I mostly dread it—I think, just 3 more months and then it will start to cool down again. But this summer hasn’t been so bad, and I think it can be mostly attributed to peaches. I have had more delicious peaches this summer than I have in several summers. Maybe more than any other summer. It makes all the heat and humidity not seem so bad after all. Thank goodness.

5th thing. Music is happening in and around me. More than it has in a while. And for that I am grateful.

We made it to 5 after all. More to come another day.

Harry Potter time.