November Tour and Other Disturbances

Good August everybody,

I was looking on this site the other day and realized how it feels a little bit lonesome, a little neglected.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that music had been pretty far from my mind lately.

But on my mind it is. Music is such a mysterious thing.

Late this afternoon, I picked up my guitar and started playing, and I could immediately feel crooked things being straightened out in my spirit. Busted things becoming a little less busted—or maybe I was just given an awareness of their bustedness, which is a grace in and of itself.

Music. What a thing.

All that to say, music has been on my mind, coming out my fingers, and swirling up out of my throat.

The surface of things in Zach Vinson Internet World may be still, but there are some rumblings down deep. An undertow sucking my feet out from under me.

Recordings are happening.

New songs are happening.

And a tour is happening.

That last one will be in November, from the 1st through the 10th, from the looks of things.

More to come another day. Right now I need to read Harry Potter.

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