In-Studio Performances at WYCE

When I lived in Grand Rapids, it became clear pretty quickly that WYCE (88.1) was just about the only radio station in town that played anything you wouldn’t find on a Billboard chart. On top of that, they also have a great tradition of supporting local artists, including their annual awards show The Jammies, where people hang out in their PJs and enjoy the best music the town has to offer.

Thankfully for me, that support has continued even after moving 500 miles south. They’re always quick to welcome me back to the studio if I’m passing through town, as I was a couple weeks back.

Cool place, cool people–I’m thankful they’re around and doing what they do.

Here is the audio from a couple songs I did live in the WYCE studios back on October 8th:

Fall for Me



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  1. Man, WYCE was the best radio station. I’m sad I can’t pick them up on the air anymore.

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