The Chronicles of the Unsuccessful Musician (part 2)

Part 1 of this thrilling series debuted a few months back. You can find it HERE.

I’ve always believed (or at least told people) that it will take a long time and an incredible amount of work for me to amount to anything as a musician. I’ve heard myself say dozens of times “I didn’t move to Nashville to catch a big break; I moved to Nashville to work hard for a long time and see where I end up.”

And for the most part, I’m a hard worker. I find satisfaction in a job well done.

See how satisfied I am with these scrambled eggs?

But I’ve recently realized that no one cares how hard I work.

And I really don’t mean to say that in a self-pitying way, but just as a bit of reality that has begun to sink in lately.

Strangely enough, I’ve found solace in the words of a baker and a mountain biker.

They talked about the need to love what you do, because there are just not enough tangible results to make these pursuits worth the time that we put into them.

They talked about mental toughness and how we can either get distracted by comparing our circumstances to those who have things easier or we can just put our head down and keep moving.

So I have to come to a complete stop and ask myself, why do I do this?

In 2010, I lost $3513 playing music. I must not be in it for the money, or if I am, I’m an idiot.

But every once in a while you hear a song, and it breaks your heart in half.

Just like that.

I love that.

And I think that’s enough for me.

So I put my head down, and I keep moving. Whether anyone cares or not, whether anyone notices or not.

I put my head down.

And keep moving.


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  1. “Do what you love.Everything else is a waste of time.”-Billy Joel

    You never know where music will lead you. It’s like being an explorer with an intagible point of arrival, time reveals it like peeling an onion. Your persistance, passion and committment will sustain your adventure and why settle for ordinary when you are exceptional?

  2. Zach, I read these. You are writing a lot of truth; don’t let the truth bring you down, dance on it instead. That may be nothing but it could be everything. I’m unemployed right now and that thought has been in my mind and so I share it with you. Perspective is a funny thing.

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