My Fingers

Sometimes I am overcome with a sensation that my fingers could inflate and become like giant, soft, puffy marshmallows. It’s a wonderful feeling.


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  1. Well, I could pretend as if I had never been on your website, but since this would be a waste of time, I won’t.

    I found it by searching for “Unsuccessful Musician”. That would be kind of funny if it wasn’t for all the self-pity implicit to the reason why I searched in the first place.

    Anyway, you don’t need it, but here’s my appreciation for what I have been able to see of your life by surfing your site: HERE it is. I think you can see it.

    And by the way, I am pretty much convinced that you have got a cool life. Not of the “inventing the world new each day”-kind, but of the “I am happy and amazed about simple things”-kind (which is, basically, the same, but I have been told ever so often it isn’t). You got some “pppositive” personality my friend. Good to find that while searching for the opposite. Just for the soon-to-vanish-record.

    Cheers, have a good time. Hope you keep it up.

    • Paskal,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. They do good things for my heart. I hope that my words or songs can do the same for yours.

      p.s. I’m not sure if you were trying to put a link in there somewhere, but if you were, it didn’t come through.

  2. Your music does, though I was surprised because I am not quite the (pop)?-listening-type. I think it is related to my lack of fantasy. Before listening I read through some of your writings and I liked them very much. Made me open enough to listen to your stuff, which is amazing because not many things can do that to me. Enhanced fantasy, having a face, so to say, while listening to your music, made it easier and more fun. I think it is good for an artist to have an appearance as complete as possible if he wishes to leave an impression with people who have little fantasy. Of course not filling all the holes, that would take away the romance, but giving an idea to people who are not that familiar with a certain way of thinking. Just theorizing.

    Well, no, I wasn’t going to link something. But here’s a funny bit from Zappa:

    • Thanks man–I really appreciate you taking your valuable time to read and listen through a few things on here.

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