It’s the fifth of December today, and I sat down on my front porch in an old rust-colored sweater to do some afternoon reading. I think this is warm even by Tennessee standards, but when you grow up in Wisconsin, you don’t expect to be doing any outdoor relaxing once the calendar switches to October, let alone December.
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I got started thinking about sinkholes the other night, and now I just keep on thinking about them. They fascinate me for some reason.  Continue reading

The kind folk over at Lockeland Springsteen asked me to write a guest post for them recently.

For those of you who don’t live in Nashville, there’s a neighborhood in East Nashville called Lockeland Springs.

Now what these folks have done is made a pun out of that name by changing the end of it to Springsteen, like the musician! You know, Bruce Springsteen? Get it? eh?
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