The biggest downside to pursuing a career as a musician is the truth that, in most cases, doing this right means being gone from home quite a bit. Some artists are out on the road 200-250 days every year, and I don’t know how you could do that and keep your relationships with family and friends in a good place. Continue reading

Most people don’t spend the better part of three years working on a 6-song EP, but there isn’t much about this musical journey that has stayed on the straight and narrow. Continue reading

Last week I was super excited to hear that the kind and beautiful people over at Performer Magazine wanted to premiere the first track from How We Spend Our Days.

It’s called “You’re the One,” and it talks about rolling down hills and having a mustache and getting old and dying and being in love in all those things. I hope you like it. Continue reading

When we were in Grand Rapids a couple weeks back, the kind folks at Calvin College’s newspaper brought us in to film their version of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts. As far as desks go, this one was more medium-sized, and to be honest, more of a table than a desk when I come to think of it. Continue reading