The kind folk over at Lockeland Springsteen asked me to write a guest post for them recently.

For those of you who don’t live in Nashville, there’s a neighborhood in East Nashville called Lockeland Springs.

Now what these folks have done is made a pun out of that name by changing the end of it to Springsteen, like the musician! You know, Bruce Springsteen? Get it? eh?
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Sometimes I am overcome with a sensation that my fingers could inflate and become like giant, soft, puffy marshmallows. It’s a wonderful feeling.

It has always meant a lot to me to be honest with the people around me. My gut will constantly remind me if I’ve been less-than-straightforward with anyone.

I’ve come to an awareness that Nashville has started to change that in me. The culture of the music scene here is one of endless confidence, and I’ve given in to the weight of those expectations, always feeling the need to make it sound like I have exciting things happening in my “career” and that my music will be blowing up any day now.
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Late last week, I discovered (much to my horror/chagrin/frustration/etc) that my website had been hacked by some sort of unkind presence.

So if you stopped by in the past few days and got a “do not proceed to this site” warning—first, I apologize; and second, I’m glad to be able to say that all is well once again.
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Good afternoon everyone. For those who have noticed the lack of updates on here the past few weeks, take heart. I have not forgotten about you. I have, however, just purchased my first house, which has taken up most of my attention lately. Continue reading

Michael over at We Own This Town had a few kind words for “The Streets Will Turn to Streams.” There’s also a free download of “Left Hands” on there for your listening pleasure.
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